Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust you?

We are a U.K. based company and have earned great market repute. You can have an idea about the transparency of our procedures by going through our Privacy Policy and also the reviews posted by our satisfied customers.

How to analyze the condition of my mobile?

We provide the customers with multiple options to share the conditions of their mobiles with us. For this purpose, we have formulated following parameters:

A Functional Mobile Phone

• Hardware and software of mobile is working properly.
• LCD and body of mobile carry no crack or scratch on it.
• Slight deterioration if there is any.

Non-functional Mobile Phone

• Hardware or software of the mobile has become non-functional.
• Customized or altered mobile phone.
• Faultiness in the display.
• If any sort of replacement of parts is required.

Brand New iPhone

• Hardware or software of the mobile is working properly.
• A Brand New Phone Never been used earlier.
• Phone with the Box and accessories.

How can I send you the mobile phone?

Once you submit your order with us, we send you a jiffy baggage with a prepaid shipping label on it. You just need to put your phone into that baggage and send us through your nearest post office.

How long can I take to send my mobile?

We recommend our customers to drop their mobiles packed in the baggage within 10 days provided by us. This is because the prices of such devices fall rapidly and they never remain same in just few days. We don’t want our customers to lose the money on their mobile phones.

How does iPhone Recycler deal with the personal data?

We wipe out all the data in the mobiles when we receive it. If you have anything important in it then you must take it out of the phone as the whole data is deleted out of it. Also, we are not held responsible to save your data if you have not saved it yourself.

How do you consider the price of a mobile phone?

We don’t want our customers to move to any other company to sell their mobile phones. For this purpose, our utmost priority is to offer the customers with most competitive price. We keep on monitoring the prices of mobiles on daily basis and offer the best market based prices.

How much time it takes to get paid?

We pay our customers at same day when we get the mobile. This is why we are considered to be the fastest company in terms of making payments to our customers.

What if I get the price higher than yours?

We have the complete knowledge of mobile market in the United Kingdom. We are confident that our customers cannot get the price in the market which is higher than what we may offer. We are so confident about our price quotes. We offer the best possible prices because our aim is to earn the faith of our customers.

Do you mark down the price after receiving the mobile?

Unlike many other websites, we stick to price that we have quoted to our customers and it remains valid for 10 days. However, it totally depends on the condition of your mobile at the time when we receive it.

Do you buy in bulk as well?

Yes we do. If you have more than one iPhone available for sale, then you can leave us a message. Our team will contact you at earliest and will help you accordingly.