Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions of Supply

Following terms and conditions are applicable to only the site www.iphonerecycler.co.uk.

While you are using this website, it would be considered that you agree to our terms and conditions, no matter whether you place an order or not. If you place an order to sell a mobile phone or any other device through our website, it will be considered that you agree to our terms and conditions. Kindly be acknowledged that we continuously keep on updating our terms and conditions while updating our web pages. So, you are required to be updated with them every time you use our website as they are a legal binding on you.

Customer Obligations

By getting registered with us or by placing an order to us, you certify that:

  • You are living in U.K. as a resident or staying here on business basis. We have complete freedom of choice related to accepting or denying your orders if you belong to the regions that are outside the said territories.
  • You are eligible legally to enter any a contract with us.
  • In case of individuals, you have to be over eighteen years of age to place an order. If you are juvenile, then we believe that you have taken the consent of your parents/guardians before selling your mobile phone. Later on, we will not be responsible for any query related to the age issues of individuals.
  • You have the authority to take decision in case of businesses.
  • You own the phone completely that you send to us with all rights and permissions.

Working Phones

Let it be noted that mobile that you send should essentially be of same model and condition that you indicate during the submission of order. Further, it must meet following conditions:

  • Mobile should work properly.
  • It must power off and power on.
  • It should be a complete mobile with whole body covering.
  • Condition of body should be refined neither too dull nor any breakage to them.
  • It should be fully functional with all applications like Bluetooth, Wifi, and camera.
  • There should not be any problem on the screen and it should function properly.
  • There should not be any water mark or black spot on the LCD.
  • Battery should be working properly.
  • Slider should perform its function properly.
  • None of the buttons should be missing and they all must work properly.
  • The phone should not carry any prominent mark of wear and tear on it other than normal scratches of usage.

We welcome the queries from our customers if they have any doubt in their minds before sending the mobiles to us.

We do not purchase the phones that are stolen and inspect all the phones via Check Mend which is a database for crime protection. After this inspection, order is accepted. During the processing of order if the mobile phone is found stolen or barred, then we have all the rights to stop the payment and report this to concerned authorities, and sharing your contact details. By submitting your order, it will be perceived that you agree with these terms.

We wipe all the data from the mobiles that we receive. This is why it is necessary for the customer to take out all the data from his/her mobile phone before sending it to us. We don’t back up or store the data and instantaneously refresh the whole mobile. So, neither any loss of data will be entertained by us later on nor the customer will be having any right to claim for the loss in this case.

Further, iPhone Recycler is not responsible for the loss of SIM or memory card in the phone after it has been sent to us. Whatever charges may incur on this loss to the customers, we are not liable to pay for anything in this regard.

In the same way, customers are held responsible for the cancellation of the airtime contract before sending the mobile phones to us. Later on, no charges will be payable by us in case of any call or any other services. Once the customer submits the order, it is perceived that all the conditions have been agreed with.

Non-Working Phones

  • It is necessary that the phone should not be crushed.
  • It should not be having any bend or broken into halves.
  • There should not be any symptoms of damage by liquids.
  • None of the parts of phone like camera and LCD should be missing.
  • None of the parts of the mobile should be separated.

It is necessary for all phones especially for Apple iPhones and iPads that they carry all the buttons without any damage.

Working Gadget

It is essential for all gadgets to be exactly what has been mentioned on the sale order. Moreover, they must meet following requirements:

  • It should power on and off.
  • It should be having proper body without any crack on it and none of the parts should be detached or missing from the phone.
  • The body should be properly fixed with the main body without any irregularity.
  • LCD of the mobile has to be working properly without any line or missing pixels.
  • Screen of the device should be intact and must not carry any damage due to the liquid.
  • If the gadget has the touchscreen for its operation, then its touch screen has to be in working condition.
  • It is necessary that all the applications and software work properly without any pauses of small intervals.

Brand New Phone(s)/Gadget(s)

In order to qualify for the brand new gadget or phone, your device must meet following requirements:

  • Seal of the screen is still there and has got no tempering in it.
  • There is not even a single mark or scratch on the phone.
  • Accessories of the phone are available and are still packed in their packing.
  • Genuine box of the phone is still in good condition.
  • IMEI number on the box matches with the IMEI number of phone.
  • Call timer is still on the zero and the phone has no data in it.
  • None of the calls have been made or received through this phone.
  • It is essential that the box of the phone is from original manufacturer.
  • The phone should not have been recycled or refurbished at any cost.
  • It is essential for the memory card to be present if this particular phone was supplied with the memory card in it.

Badly Damaged Casing /Housing/ Broken/ Damaged or Non-Working Phone(s):

After receiving your phone, our dedicated team of engineers checks it thoroughly. In case, any breakage in the body or abnormality in its functioning, is found then we send an email to the customer about the issue and revise our price quote. If the customer accepts the price offered we keep the phone, otherwise we send it back to the customers. This time delivery charges are to be paid by the customer.

Wrong Model

If we find that the phone is not meeting the requirements mentioned in our terms and conditions then:

  • We rectify the model in the order according to its real model.
  • Moreover, we send the email to the customer related to the wrong model of the phone and revise our price quote. This price is now required to be agreed on by the customer.

In case we do not get any reply from our customer within two days after revision of price quote, we consider it as accepted and make payment according to new price.


Once the customer sends us the phone, it is never returned unless a decrease in price occurs. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure whether he or she wants to sell the phone or not. Further, no SIMs or memory cards are returned to the customer once they are received by us. So it is the responsibility of the customer to take out all his belongings.

Return Policy

Phone locked to any specific network will attract revised offer and so please unlock your phone and post it to us. You network service provider will unlock your phone for free if you are near to your contract end.

Any phone which has dent marks/scratch marks/scuff marks beyond normal wear and tear would attract revised offer.

Non-acceptance of revised offer and subsequent return request will attract a shipping and handling charge of £6.99.

Sale items received after 2 PM are subject to be paid the next working day.

The payments through banking channel will only be made to the account details mentioned while placing on-line order. Under any circumstances, bank transfer payments cannot be recalled or reissued by us.

The price offered on the website is for individual customers and not for traders and so if you wish to sell us large quantities, please do get in touch with our support team for further assistance. Orders registered without prior consent with our support team will be cancelled without any further notice.

When a customer places an order for New handset then they must include new original accessories, original box and all other material you would get with a new handset or the payment would be made for a used handset.

Please make sure choose the right product when placing the order to avoid any confusion. You may be charged an admin/return fee of £24.99 if you have placed your order wrongly and want your handset returned.

All our prices are for unlocked handset unless otherwise stated. Handset received locked to a network will be revised for value and paid accordingly.

Rooted handsets are classified as 'Faulty' and will be paid as per the listed price for faulty. In case of a return request, all rooted and faulty handsets will attract a admin charge of £24.99.
It is against the law to sell fake version of any phone. We do not accept Chinese  / fake versions of Samsung  , iPhone or of any handset. We shall dispose off if non-origional handset is sent to us. An admin & handling charge of £24.95 will be payable in case you still insist on geting your chinese / fake handset.


It is the responsibility of the customer to pack the phones in proper baggage before sending it to us. It may take almost 5 days to a parcel to reach us. We do not take any responsibility of loss or damage that may occur to the phone while it is in transit. This is why we recommend the insured postage by the customer for high priced phones and other devices.

Following is our address for the posts:

iPhone Recycler 17A Bank Street, Ashford Kent TN23 1DG

Customers can also download the prepaid delivery labels from our website.


We offer the prices that include VAT (if applicable). This VAT may vary time to time so prices can fluctuate as well. Moreover, we offer the customers with best prices in the market but we do not guarantee for any price pledge

We give five days to our customers to send us the mobiles after submitting the order. Once the delivery gets late, the price can vary after the 7th day depending upon the new prices in the market.

All of the prices are purely for the individual customers. For business and traders, these prices may vary.

We quote the best price to the customers for their used mobiles. However, it is not to be considered as the guarantee. We will not be responsible for any sort of price pledges if observed later on during the process. All prices are subject to market fluctuations. Price quotes will remain valid for 7 days only.


Once the phone is received by us and it meets all the requirements specified during the order, we issue a check and delivers it same day (from Monday to Friday during working hours) via Royal Mail First Class.

Payments are made on the name of the person who registered with us and submitted that very order. We’ll not be responsible for the unforeseen incidents that may cause delays in payment.

Accuracy of Information

We do our best to provide the most accurate information about the color, price and specifications of the product on our site. However, due to the limitations imposed by applicable laws, we do not assure that these descriptions or images are error free.

Warranties and Disclaimers

All the information related to the products is “as it is” and “as available” without any facility of warranty compensation. We keep on updating the data, information, images, prices, colors and other specifications of the products on regular basis. These may have some errors in them.

You agree with this completely that iPhone Recycler is not responsible for any sort of loss or breakage to the phone. Neither it is responsible for the delays in the payments or non-delivery due to the unforeseen or uncontrollable factors.

We will not be responsible for any discomfort that may occur to customer due to some fraudulent access to our site by any third party.


By using our website, it is perceived that you indemnify, protect, and defend us completely from the losses, damages, or costs that may arise during the course of your usage. If unintentionally you breach the terms and conditions of our site, then you will have to defend us and support us for any legal fee or charges that might incur at that time.

We have all the rights to assume the full support and protection from you in any matter and you will cooperate with us while providing us the defense.

Important Note:

At times, due to the nature of the business - mobile phone recycling, areas out of our control or heavy work load or back logs, there could be possible delay in having the orders processed and it might take around 3-5 working days.

Having said this, all the customers are updated on their order status at regular intervals and we strive to have all the orders processed as soon as possible within two working days.